Possibly fabricated testimonials


“Iso is an original story about something that affected the whole world. It is driven by a dark exhilarating energy towards a nightmare world where people turn into composites of human and non-human elements. The voice is confident, biting and funny, all the way through. The ultra-macho Virus-deniers are hilarious but they’re having a go, constantly reinventing ever more absurd ways to ‘win’. This is how they cope. Under all the humour lies a hard polished stone of desperation. The story amplifies the way we morphed into sub-humans through lack of contact and human connection. How we turned into couches and furniture, how we lost our minds.

Most of all I like the way this story just keeps rolling, unfaltering, staring down weakness and defiant to the last word. It’s visceral – the mould, bleach, deranged theories, being called a ‘skank’ by a group of beanbags. All the old rivalries, resentments, bitterness and delusions are stronger than the metamorphosis from fully human to remnant human. We are, at our core, our petty selves more than anything potentially heroic or insightful.I find this story masterful and uncompromising. It scores on brio, boldness and ambition, humour, derangement and pathos. It is never judgemental.”

~ Anne Casey-Hardy, head judge of the Peter Carey Short Story Award 2023


“Greg is a joy to work with – motivated, independent and a natural writer – and I look forward to commissioning more work from him in the future.”

~ Angus Holland, opinion editor, The Age

“Greg Foyster does more than tell stories well, he tells important stories.”

~ David Astle, novelist, journalist and playwright

“Told with compassion and insight, it was perfectly pitched to meet The Big Issue‘s concern with broader social concerns around homelessness.”

~ Walkley Foundation judges Mark Ludlow (QLD bureau chief, Australian Financial Review), Nick Richardson (group news editor, Leader Community Newspapers) and Yalda Hakim (presenter, Dateline)


“I have never come across a young creative person with such a voracious appetite for work … He is a first-rate wordsmith, equally comfortable working in electronic, digital and print media.”

~ Andrew Foote, Creative Director and Copywriter, AJF Partnership

“I have no doubt that Greg will go on to great things. Because, put simply, this guy can write.”

~ Neil Mallet, Creative Director and Copywriter, Marmalade Communications

I engaged Greg Foyster to execute a project for YSAS – a specialist youth alcohol and drug service that supports Victoria’s most vulnerable youth … His professional and enthusiastic approach during the tender period, combined with some outstanding writing examples, made him an obvious choice. Greg managed the whole project based on a loose brief, including coordinating interviews, following up and clarifying facts and delivering drafts for feedback, plus proofreading …  The work he produced met the brief exactly and was a delight to read. I would absolutely recommend Greg Foyster to anyone seeking a freelance journalist/copywriter.

~ Joel Stanton, Senior Marketing Co-ordinator, YSAS