This is my portfolio site. The general idea behind a portfolio site is to make you look more intelligent and successful than you actually are. I have no intention of breaking from this fine tradition. On you’ll find the usual flattering self portraits, fabricated testimonials and glowing reviews from friends and relatives. I’ve also included an unnecessarily long list of publications for good measure (The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Saturday Paper, WAtoday, Crikey, The Big Issue, ABC,  Smith Journal, Yen, New Matilda, Eureka Street, Slow, Voiceworks, Harvest,  Kill Your Darlings and Page Seventeen). In 2012 I was featured in The Age’s Top 100 inspiring and influential Melburnians. My most recent book is Changing Gears: A Pedal-Powered Detour from the Rat Race, and by ‘most recent’ I mean ‘only’.

Please, make yourself at home. Meanwhile, I’m off to call an ambulance. In the middle of all that chest-thumping, I think I cracked a rib.